About Equine Sports Massage

“Equine Sports Massage Therapy is the therapeutic application of hands-on massage techniques for the purpose of increasing circulation, relaxing muscle spasms, relieving tension, enhancing muscle tone, and increasing range of motion in high performance horses.”

What is Equine Sports Massage?

Equine Massage Therapy works the soft tissues and muscles of the horse to improve movement, flexibility and aid in healing. Horses are athletes too, so why not use massage as a way to prepare and recover from training and competitions just like humans do?

Benefits of Equine Sports Massage

  • Helps with prevention - massage optimises the conditions in the body to allow it to heal itself, which in turn could prevent long term issues that could flair up in a compromised body 

  • Helps with rehabilitation – massage helps in recovery, reduces swelling and fluid within the soft tissues. It helps the horses' body get back into a more effective and efficient way of working, which creates a happier and healthier horse with improved performance

  • Helps identify problems - as we work along side you and your horse to ensure a happier body, equine massage therapy can help identify problem areas and the compensating areas that are affected by the root of the problem

Other benefits:

  • Pain Relief

  • Injury prevention

  • Stress Relief

  • Increased flexibility & freedom of movement

  • Increased / Improved circulation

  • Improved coat

  • Improved muscle tone

  • Improved posture

  • Improved immune system support

  • “Relaxation Response”

“60% of the horses body weight is muscle? Small muscle injuries can take up to 90 days to become apparent (attitude, decreased performance and lameness) – prompt attention can enhance the horse’s performance and prevent further problems in the future or more serious injury.”