Tatiana did great work with Q! She was super patient with him and spent a considerable amount of time working on him. The next day he felt so much less tense in his neck, relaxed and willing to stretch! The following week we had our best trot session all year! I highly recommend Tatiana!

Rebecca L.

My 19 year old OTTB, now on his third career, felt great after his massage by Tatiana of Royal Hands. Nice and froward the next day! Your equine athlete deserves the benefits of Royal Hands.

Dana S.

Tatiana works wonders! You can feel a major difference under saddle after a massage

Adyn P.

Following a misstep over trot poles, my horse developed some stiff, sore muscles. Tatiana was able to address and relieve the tightness while calming my otherwise nervous mare. She is very thoughtful in her approach and has worked on many horses in our barn.

Kaaren S.

I highly recommend Royal Hands Equine Massage. Tatiana was a pleasure to work with. I appreciate that she wanted to see how he moved first so she could properly evaluate him. She was great with Dante, worked on him for an hour and explain things to us throughout his massage. Very detailed and thorough! Not only did she give Dante a great massage, I was impressed with the report I received after his massage, outlining any sore areas as well as giving recommendations. Dante is looking forward to his massage next month!

Jen S.